Condition Assessment

An intelligent multi-tier approach to condition assessment
and evaluation of buried pipelines & assets

PipeDiver™ Condition Assessment Insertion Technology Video

Keith Walker head of Commercial enterprise Tel: +44 (0) 7471 226307

Capital replacement programmes for large-diameter pressure pipelines carry a high price and pose significant logistical challenges. Based upon the assessment of thousands of kilometres of large-diameter pipelines, it is clear that even problematic transmission mains can be managed. It has been identified that 96% of pipelines have no deterioration and less than 1% of pipe sections actually require any immediate repair.

Properly assessing the pipeline and addressing the problems represents a far more effective and efficient way to maintain pressursed pipelines than widespread replacement or slip-lining of pipe sections that may have a long remaining service life. Utilising a range of technological solutions, WRc can produce Return On Investment studies which can demonstrate that a properly conducted Assess & Address® program can be implemented for as little as only 4% of the capital replacement cost, ensuring that the correct amount of budget is invested in the right place at the right time.

Condition assessment service offerings from WRc include:

  • Conductivity Testing
  • Gross Metal Loss
  • Electromagnetic Pipeline Inspection
  • Free swimming internal inspection technology to identify stress in the pipe wall of pressurised metallic pipelines
  • Robotic pipeline inspection
  • Tethered under pressure acoustic & CCTV inspection