BREAKING NEWS - First Fine to Flush certification awarded

February 05, 2019 Categories: Articles Latest News

WRc's CEO Mark Smith and Andy Drinkwater were delighted to present the very first Fine to Flush certification to Susie Hewson of Natracare for their new Safe to Flush moist tissue at the WRc  offices in Swindon. This marks the first product which has met the standards set by Water UK on 11th January 2019 to be marked with the new "Fine to Flush" mark.

The product by Natracare has been 3 years in development and Susie is delighted that their development and research "proves to the industry that there is absolutely no reason that wipes can't be flushable, environmentally conscious and have no negative impact on our water network. It shows that regulation really is the cornerstone to innovation". The Fine to Flush moist tissues go on sale next week with Waitorse, Ocado and natural product stores.

WRc along with the water industry developed the new testing specification with Water UK and are proud to be working at the forefront of tackling this important issue. For more information or advice on the new testing process and requirements for developers, manufacturers and retailers please contact


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