AND Technology Research

AND Technology Research

Founded in 1980, AND Technology Research prides itself on being a British-based global innovator.

We are a dynamic & flexible company focused on delivering high-quality bespoke solutions to each of our customers. Our wide-ranging expertise & vast experience enables us to push the boundaries by building upon proven technologies & add value to any proposition.

The company consists of multi-disciplinary engineers experienced in electronics, embedded systems, application software, problem solving, testing & product design. At AND we use the latest, most applicable technologies in order to bring ‘innovation with purpose’ to our work.

We believe that success & reward follows not only from creativity & effort but from a working environment which encourages close co-operation with our customers & industry partners by building a trustworthy & respected reputation.

The demonstration will include examples of sensors/nodes/modules & a PC screen demo of the dashboard/server and illustrate a cost-effective way forward for companies investing in systems to overcome the challenges of water management.