Water Meter Sizing

The tool is a guide only. Scottish Water reserves the right to make the final decision of which size of water meter will be fitted. This tool should be used to calculate the water meter size for the potable water supply only. This tool is not designed to calculate the pipe size of fire fighting supplies. Where an additional fire fighting water supply is needed, the supply will be unmeasured and the pipe size will be a minimum of 90mm.

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Supply pressure (bar) if known
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Number of water fittings

Storage tank supply size (mm). Where multiple storage tank supplies are required please contact us for further details.
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Water fitting Number of
mains fed
Number of
storage fed
Mains fed
Storage fed
WC flushing cistern
Domestic sized wash basin
Commercial sized wash basin
Bath (tap norminal size 20mm)
Bath (tap nominal size larger than 20mm)
Power shower
Sink (tap nominal size 15mm)
Sink (tap nominal size larger than 15mm)
Spray tap
Domestic washing machine
Domestic dishwasher
Domestic waste disposal unit
Commerical washing machine
Commercial dishwashwer
Commercial waste disposal unit
Outside tap
Swimming pool

Number of additional water fittings

Additional Fittings Number of mains Fed Number of storage Fed Mains fed flow Storage fed flow Run Time (minutes) Frequency of use (times/day)
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Additional water fitting or outlet 2
Additional water fitting or outlet 3
Additional water fitting or outlet 4

Meter Requirements

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