Driven by our clients' needs, WRc is an independent and employee-controlled organisation. As an innovative research-based consultancy, we are passionate about using scientific and engineering skills to develop robust and sustainable solutions to our clients' problems.  We work in the water, waste and environment sectors and contribute to the protection, enhancement and maintenance of the natural environment.

Innovation News

WRc Innovation Day - 30th April 2014
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WRc Releases Summary Document and Industry Action Plan for Zero Excavations & Zero Leakage

Latest News

WRc are delighted to have won the prestigious Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG) Utility Pipeline Technology Award 2014.

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Ron Chapman, will join the Board as a Non-Executive Director from March.

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The water sector in the UK has a poor reputation with respect to innovation but it also possesses an enviable record of

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In 2012 WRc undertook a collaborative water industry programme on sewer grit treatment and recycling

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Millions of pounds go down the drain every year while water companies search for the holy grail of the business - finding links

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